project update


This project was what I did this week. I wanted to challenge myself for my final project and so I picked the info-graphic design. I chose to do it on Facebook because it’s easy to find information on. I had fun doing this project because I had to find information that would impact the audience while trying to incorporate graphics. The most challenging part of this project was trying to figure out how to place things and such. overall I was pleased with my final product.

Project update

This is the project I finished this week. It’s a imaginary logo for the Archery shop called Drop Tine Archery

Project Update

This is my latest project that I just completed. Overall it turned out pretty well. I incorporated one of my latest tutorials into the design as well. This was a project to inspire people and try to get a message across that the possiblities are endless to anything in life.



In this tutorial I learned how to a grunge brush more effectively. It aslo taught me how to give things a more rugged and older feel

In this tutorial I learned all the ways to use special effects in Illustrator.

Project update

My most recent project was the “Outdoor Obsessions” logo. I created many designs while doing this project but ended up with this logo. I learned that changing little things can sometimes have big effects.¬† Also, I finished another project a few days ago called “go beyond the boundaries” it is in my Posters¬† page. All the way at the bottom. These two projects were fairly simple but came out alright. I’m happy with both of them.

Tutorials 4/13

In this tutorial I got more practice with gradients and opacity masks. I also learned how to use repetition as an effect.

In this tutorial I got practice in photoshop for much of it.. and learned how to create different filters.

Project update

My current project is this poster. It is a human typography poster meant to portray the message that we are all human. The poster is actually finished, this is the final version.

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